Why activeplan?

Why Activeplan? We provide the glue that integrates asset data, spaces and the activities they support. Organisations use many different applications, each with their own databases. We have worked with them for many years….

CAPEX to OPEX… Mind the GAP!!

Asset Information Management (AIM) Clients are the greatest beneficiaries of this new interconnected world. Few clients or their FM providers have adequate information about the facilities they own, the spaces, …

CAPEX to OPEX Fill the GAP!!

Clients can specify the precise information they need, test it is being delivered, validate it at handover information and then use it to support their organisational activity, keeping it continuously …

We ensure clients get the information they need

Information overload is a widely used term and it is certainly a risk when a completed building is handed over. Does the client need to know much of the information that was used to design….

We reduce the cost/risk of assimilating the information

If the data is already in the model for other reasons, excellent, we use it but, if non-geometric data is already availablein other applications, even Excel, we can take the data directly from that ….

We reduce risk of litigation by ensuring facilities remain safe

FM is often out-sourced, and many clients have become disconnected from the process of managing their assets. If KPIs are met, they don’t need to know more – until something goes wrong….

We enable clients to deliver more or better services with fewer or better assets

Many clients with large estates have little information about what services are being delivered from each building. This leads to more buildings than the services need and higher estates costs, reducing the….

Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Centre – Manhattan

Built by Turner Construction who commissioned COBie experts, Captures IT, to deliver an integrated 3D FM database. They had tried to implement two leading solutions, first Ecodomus and later, YouBIM. …

Coventry University’s Health and Science Building

We have successfully delivered a COBie handover data set for BAM/Broadway Malyan for Coventry University’s Health and Science Building. The client used that to populate their Planon CAFM system and, …


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