CAPEX to OPEX… Mind the GAP!!


Asset Information Management (AIM)
Clients are the greatest beneficiaries of this new interconnected world. Few clients or their FM providers have adequate information about the facilities they own, the spaces, systems and equipment they contain and how they are being used.

This can lead to higher operating costs and poorer utilisation of the estate.

The BIM vision has been to address this and provide a substantial improvement in asset information – at handover, through operational use, refurbishment and disposal.


We are seeing impressive use of BIM for 3D coordination, sequencing and management of design development and delivery, cost management and some impressive immersive visualisation.

However much of the information that asset management systems require is not being delivered as computer-readable data. Although data is being exported from the model, it is typically design data, which isn’t what the asset managers need. The data they require is commonly being provided as pdf documents that are attached to a 3D model.

Considerable effort has been expended by BIM delivery teams trying to feed the required information into a geometric BIM, and to then export the asset information as single file, for use in a single CAFM application.

This process has proven unsuccessful.

The design and construction stage of the project (CAPEX) has little connection with the operation (OPEX). The CAPEX team export files from their design and construction models – often as ifc files and documents but the information the FM teams really need is seldom provided.

In part, this is because it isn’t specifically requested – hence the importance of the Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

This gap between CAPEX and OPEX undermines the wider BIM process.

ActivePlan’s Asset Information Requirements application, combined with the Asset Information Model provide the means to reduce these risks by specifying the data the building owner really needs, checking it has been provided and making it easy to keep up to date – and find it.

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