Why activeplan?

Why activeplan?

We provide the glue that integrates asset data, spaces and the activities they support.

Organisations use many different applications, each with their own databases. We have worked with them for many years to ensure floor plans and schedules of accommodation are consistent and that a room reference, for example, acts as a key to link asset, compliance, maintenance, lifecycle and room booking information 

We’ve simplified this even further by supporting and contributing to the increasingly complete data exchange protocols driven by Digital Built Britain and Level 2 BIM.
We’ve developed the new library management applications the industry is using to standardize the way asset information he ActivePlan solution assimilates data from many different applications (including ifc) to create the coordinated Asset Information Model.

Unlike most people in the BIM community, we need to consume the handover/COBie (and other) deliverables from CAPEX teams. Many systems generate COBie but very few read it – in which case how can you verify the required information has been delivered?

We also understand the difference between FM, PPM and O&M including what data OPEX teams must have, what they find useful and what is simply there as an archive.

Our experience is that the data you require is provided in several different files from different applications – some in spreadsheets – so the process of feeding non-geometric data into a geometric model to create a coordinated ifc/COBie model isn’t effective. 

Building Research Establishment – In their role of BIM auditing and training, the BRE researched the market to find the best of breed asset information management platform and selected Activeplan to help them create the “BRE Digital Estate”

We have spent the last three years working with them, building the tools, processes, data sets and the platform to manage that process in a structured and auditable manner.  They are using all of that to create some free-to-use tools like Templater/Lexicon and Databook, a completely free product database for manufacturers to host their data and for designers and contractors to use.  These form part of a growing network of product libraries that can share information whilst allowing confidential information to remain secure.

As a result, we can guarantee we can deliver an effective asset information model that clients can use themselves and also use to populate their other applications such as maintenance management. 

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