CAPEX to OPEX Fill the GAP!!


Clients can specify the precise information they need, test it is being delivered, validate it at handover information and then use it to support their organisational activity, keeping it continuously up to date.

ActivePlan has developed a number of "building blocks" that make it easier for supply chains to deliver well-structured, standardized data. 

Reusable libraries make it easier for designers, specialist contractors and manufacturers, saving them time and cost. 

  • Templater/LEXiCON– Environment to create and manage of standard data sets
  • Product Type Libraries– Master library of generic product types
  • OIR– Collaborative environment for clients to define organisational requirements
  • AIR– Asset Information Requirements tool for client to determine the explicit information they need for a facility, floors, spaces, systems and equipment
  • Data Validation (ActiveCOBie) – reads the files as they are delivered during the design and construction phases and reports anything missing or wrong
  • Product libraries– environment of interconnected product libraries of actual products related to product types (above)
  • Asset Information Model (AIM)- The spatial model of the facility including all of the above information with spaces, systems that support them and equipment/spares in the systems. This cloud based asset model supports activity-based space management, provides a simple and effective means of updating the AIM with any variations, allows “checking out” the AIM to a mobile device and resynching updated information. It also interoperates with property management, CAFM, O&M and other related applications and forms the permanent asset record for a client.

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