Does 1192-6 provide a missing piece in the BIM jigsaw?

Does 1192-6 provide a missing piece in the BIM jigsaw?

The requirement for BIM team to deliver relevant, reliable and reusable information at handover is too often considered less important than construction coordination and sequencing.

This is understandable since few contractors have any equity in the FM delivery - even ones who have FM subsidiaries - and if there is no financial benefit/risk to ensuring quality information is handed over, how can a supply chain justify eroding already tight margins by gathering information they haven't priced for.

Having been involved in many industry process improvement initiatives, there are two things that galvanise change - financial or legal risk. This PAS provides a mechanism for both clients and their supply chains to focus on the processes required to reduce, for example, the risk of information on products and systems required to manage fire risk not being reliably recorded in a reusable format.


We are currently creating an AIM from a handed-over Level 2 BIM model(s) and discovered the fire rating value on 70% of the fire doors was missing. In some cases, it was in another field named "fire minutes" and on others, "fire period minutes"

You might ask, was the architect paid to ensure all the fire doors (and other rated doors that were not installed in fire breaks) had "fire rating" in the right field, in the right format – or was this the responsibility of the contractor who purchased the doors?

I would say it lies with both the designer and the supplier. The designer should state the fire rating each door should be satisfying. The supplier/contractor should state the performance of the product that was supplied – and for something like fire rating, it isn’t adequate to say it is in a pdf of the data sheet because that isn’t computer-readable by other applications.

PAS 1192-6 encourages clients to create an auditable AIR that explicitly states the information they need and for supply chains to recognise they could risk criminal action if they don't provide what was required.
Could PAS 1192-6 provide the catalyst for improved asset information?

ActivePlan’s Asset Information Requirements application, combined with the Asset Information Model provide the means to reduce these risks by specifying the data the building owner really needs, checking it has been provided and making it easy to keep up to date – and find it.

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