The Activeplan team has been developing BIM solutions since the mid 1980s including the processes and technologies  (BSLink, Sonata, Reflex) that contributed to the eventual development of Revit©

We were founding members of IAI UK (now BuildingSmart) and, unlike most software firms, have always worked to provide inter-operation with other software applications

In fact, we believe technology is a minor part of a successful solution and have been very actively involved in research and improvement initiatives focused on reducing risk, waste and improving collaborative working.

How have we been innovative?

ActivePlan encourages organisations to use their various applications of choice but provides the means for each stakeholder group to provide the corporate database with the required information as a by-product of day to day operations. This means each contributor becomes a stakeholder in the information being reliable and complete because it is informing their day to day reporting.

To enable this, we developed an enhanced SQLServer application that includes the spatial data normally held in the CAD or other BIM applications. This  addresses the risk of data being held in two places and enables dynamic inter-operation with any other ODBC-compliant database.

We support ifc and have created a COBie SQL environment that manages project data, generates COBie drops and allows them to be validated and approved.

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